As some people leave their Christmas shopping to the very last minute or simply “forget” a gift here are some easy & inexpensive ideas to try which will not break the bank and the receiver will love. 🙂


1.   Cute Mugs…

I myself is one to indulge with a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream in front of a roaring fire on those cold, winter nights. And what better way to enjoy the experience more with a cute mug! I found some incredible ones from but I know thus a UK website. But i think you can get it in the States as well.

2. DIY Vouchers…

This gift is one of the easiest to make and is one of the most inexpensive. And you can personalise it to that special someone or your parents. Some ideas are “Breakfast in Bed” or “Do the Dishes”

3. Gift Card..

I know this gift isn’t the best idea, and isn’t personal but if you are in a real muddle for what to buy someone this is is a good option. But I wouldn’t give it to you best friend or Mum.