Handling Homework, School Life,

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So I decided to do a little advice blog post about handling school work and homework.               Here are my tips…

  1. Stay focused -it may seem pretty obvious but don’t keep leaving things till the next day, you will build up a pile and you won’t be able to complete to the best of your ability.
  2. Get Organised – keep record of all homework, the day it was given and the day its due. Pack your bag the night before so you have all of your books/binders. Have an agenda and write EVERYTHING DOWN, even if you think you’ll remember it write just in case. 
  3. Keep Calm – What with exams and assessments try your best not to panic, take deep breaths and don’y overwhelm yourself with homework and revision, take a break and relax yourself doing something you love..




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The american pussycat doll, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by her I thought she might be a diva but she seems so genuine, i really back her and would want her or Charlie or David to be the King/Queen of the jungle. I know i listed all the remaining celebs but i think anyone can win.

Haye-Maker AKA David

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So my next celeb is …. the Haye maker. I did think that David would be the one to start a fight (considering his job..) but hes really tried in the trial and i wouldn’y be surprised if he won, already in the top 3 with Charlie & Ash

Blogmas: How To –

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Hot Chocolate In a Jar! So homemade presents add an extra personal touch to the normal “store-bought” prezzies which are great but here is an idea for homemade hot choc perfect for the cold winter days, we get in Britain (or rain),

You Will Need:

Hot chocolate mix. 

Mini Marshmallows.

Chocolate chips.

Sugar (optional)


Gift tag



Tip the hot choc mix in the jar and add a pinch of sugar (Optional).

Add a layer of chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Tie with a festive ribbon,

Attach the gift label and write “Stir in hot water, mix and serve with cream.”



Life Well Lived

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Daily Prompt: Success!.

A life well lived is one you weren’t afraid to give your all and no-one was in the way of you dreaming and beeing happy.


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Charlie is such a sweet person in camp I think, she can get emotional. Yes. But she doesn’t over-react about everything. And has done trials so hasn’t been hiding behind around a corner. And we can’t  forget KiKi in the Door to Door challenge and when she got the letter. I found it so heartbreaking. I think she deserves to be in the top 4. 


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What better way to kick of this series than …… Helen. Record holder for the most consecutive trials without any stars. Awh bless, i seriously think that Helen gave her all in most trials and near the end she started to “bring home the bacon” as the celebs would say. I think she could have won it but she’s out just an FYI.


Ps. I will do celeb profiles on the remaining few and maybe the rest… do’t worry still doing Blogmas! 

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