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Hiii Guys!

I HAVE MADE A NEW BLOG! YAY. Using a new website as I’m finding WordPress to be difficult as of late so I hope you look at it and enjoy i will have the same type of posts with a new layout and everything! I’m really excited as this is what i love doing…! YAY. Here is the link hope you check it out… if I find it to not be worth it i will come back to this blog…. So See you later on my new blog…!



New Years Eve/Day Fashion

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As I have been really trying to get back on track with my blogging, I am going to do  New years Eve or Day fashion looks from pieces in my wardrobe. These are only the main pieces in the look but I will tell you which other clothing pieces to add but some are obvious like for the jumper  you would add jeans anyway so I didn’t add a picture of jeans if you get what I mean.

I have created 3 looks for a different type of New Years. if you like to dress up, be casual, or stand out in mega sparkle.


For a casual and comfy New Years why not try a jumper with a cute peter pan collar ( my love….!) or any other cute embellishments which make it bit a cuter, than a plain black jumper. Or if you don’t own any Peter Pan collars you can get them in necklace form to jazz up anything. Moving on from the collar you can pair with some skinny jeans and there you have a casual news years look! Or to add some sparkle pair with disco pants!



This look is MEGA SPARKLE! This layered design is super cool for dancing as it will swish to side to side. Super glittery and fun. Perfect if you are going all out this New Years. Pair with thin tights if it’s a bit chilly out. But if it’s raining add an over sized cardigan to finish off the look and  a super sparkly umbrella of course

Hope you have gotten a idea for what to wear. These are very different looks but you alter to have less sparkle or more….!

What I Got For Christmas 2012 :) x

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I hope you all have had/ or having a very merry christmas! I lovve you all. And I will do a what I got for christmas soon!


Christmas Eve

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Merry Christmas Eve guys. I’m still ill but much much much better than a few days ago.

Nearly Christmas

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I haven’t been posting quite often as I’m ill. I have flu and a sore throat! I was still going  school throughout the week ( last day of term today) but I still needed rest and forgot to blog. So for the next few days I’m going to rest hopefully be better for Christmas! And IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! Yay and we survived the end of the world! I’ll try and blog more….

End Of The World?

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Let me think…. NOOO The world won’t end.. I think the Mayans died before finished this calender! PREDICTION! What do you think

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